vdmah a party girl survival bag for the morning af

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vdmah a party girl survival bag for the morning af

Postprzez ziqingcg96 » Cz gru 25, 2014 18:36

a party girl survival bag for the morning after
You had an awesome night. You were beautiful,hogan prezzi, and said all of the most hilarious quips. You had it going on. This will not be disputed as long as no one took pics. Wait, they did take pics,hogan prezzi, didn't they? And where's your left boot? Your mouth tastes like the inside of the lint catch in the dryer. Those fake lashes may be sticking together,doudoune moncler femme,doudoune moncler, you're not sure though because you can't quite open your eyes yet. And you definitely don't want to see who the body is beside of you.
Time to find your boot and make that walk of shame,doudoune moncler pas cher,Le pliage LongChamp.
I know you'd prefer to have a tiny purse and carry nothing with you, but let's be honest. Fresh breath is always sexy and a nice minty pick me up.
A scarf,hogan prezzi. Cover up the rat nest that looked so awesome last night,hogan scarpe.
Deodorant: Look if you have to make a dash home, having a little mini-stick of deodorant will keep smelling a little fresh until you can get to the shower.
Baby wipes: Get your face fresh with a little mini pack of wipes. Plus you can kind of um, freshen up a bit. You could buy a to-go container. If you don't want to use that much room in your purse, you could take a few and put them into a sandwich baggie with the ziploc.

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