to remove the static electricity

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to remove the static electricity

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to remove the static electricity

a cloud of spray and spray used in 20 or 30 cm from the head end to focus your hair. but don't put away everything on your device, it will be valuable for other purposes.
the uk glueless full lace wigs hair... his eyebrows.
for his rebellion, there is no such thing as a little spray on it. we spray a little on a toothbrush to draw the ark.

hair lacquer lacquer is good, but the accessories, that's even better. spraying of product on a bar "before putting it in her hair, the hair can be maximized.
dry nail polish
after installation, the need to wait for half an hour with your hands in the air, so as not to damage the paint. a spray on the nails, and it dries out.

sometimes the skin shocks due to the area of a garment. in a spray, the spray control to prevent static electricity and a skirt of your legs, for example. so we borrowed to this trick to models of parades.
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